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5 Symptoms of Low Nitric Oxide Production

Nitric oxide is a crucial chemical that regulates blood pressure, kidney and brain function, and the dietary response to salt. Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring chemical with the primary function of vasodilation, involving relaxing the inner muscles of blood arteries.

A lack of nitric oxide can lead to a variety of health problems involving blood flow and exercise performance. But how can we tell if we're suffering from nitric oxide deficiency? Learn more about nitric oxide and how to naturally increase its level with our list of low nitric oxide symptoms.


Low Nitric Oxide Symptoms You Need to Beware of

What Happens When Nitric Oxide Levels Are Low?

1 Poor Vision

Low nitric oxide causes blurry vision, known as intraocular pressure, and nitric oxide plays a role in regulating it.

Nitric oxide activates specific ion conductors in retinal cells, modulating light responsiveness. It was found that it may play a role in forming or protecting from infection in the retina's ganglion cell and nuclear layers. Other research has shown that nitric oxide is involved in controlling retinal blood flow and ocular illnesses. Ocular illnesses are conditions linked to oxidative stress, including eye disorders, such as retinitis pigmentosa and glaucoma.

2 Stress And Anxiety

Being stressed could be a concerning symptom signaling your nitric oxide levels are low.

The activation and production of nitric oxide, combined with oxygen species to facilitate the creation of active nitrogen radicals, have been linked to stressful stimulation.

When you're under stress, your heart rate rises, blood vessels tighten, and the body struggles to function normally. Your body activates the reaction against stress, which disrupts your hormones and bodily functions.

Furthermore, nitric oxide is a unique neuromodulator that regulates and modifies certain messengers associated with anxiety. Nitric oxide production appears to be involved in the control of anxiety-like behavior, according to clinical evidence.

3 Sleepiness And Fatigue

Nitric oxide is a powerful transporter that aids in efficiently circling nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, including the brain. The increase of nitric oxide in the basal forebrain of the brain is essential for sleep.

If you're sleepy during the day, your mood is affected, and you're exhausted, your body may be telling you to increase your nitric oxide levels.

4 High Body Temperature

Nitric oxide plays a distinct role in body temperature regulation. The NOS-NO-cGMP signal transduction system in neurons contributes to any important homeostatic activity, including controlling body temperature. Thus, your body temperature rises if your nitric oxide levels are low. It may not feel like a full-fledged fever, but it may feel uncomfortable in its early stages.

5 Soreness

All isoforms of nitric oxide synthase are found in skeletal muscle. It is well known that nitric oxide controls skeletal muscle injury healing. Nitric oxide can also activate nociceptors in C-fibers, resulting in a pain sensation. If you're feeling achy, your nitric oxide levels may be low.

Increased body heat, limited mobility, and discomfort are all indicators of low nitric oxide levels. Pain, aches, or muscle soreness signal that your body is not functioning correctly. When your cells run out of oxygen and the blood flow is affected, pro-inflammatory cells can't get rid of themselves.

Where to Get Nitric Oxide Naturally?

1 Regular Exercise

The endothelium is a thin layer of cells that lines the inside of blood vessels. A reduction in nitric oxide can cause endothelium dysfunction, which can lead to atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and other risks of heart disease.

Nitric oxide is produced by these cells, which keeps blood arteries healthy. Exercise boosts your body's natural ability to produce nitric oxide, keeping your endothelial cells and blood vessels healthy—this aids in increasing nutrients for exercise-damaged tissues.

Epicatechin helps increase nitric oxide and is an important component of Regen Labs FlexMax™. This product from Regen Labs is considered the best supplement for growing muscle that shows high effectiveness in restoring and rebuilding tissue. With the groundbreaking blend of BPC-157 and Epicatechin, the innovative supplement is proven to enhance recovery, strengthen muscles, and alleviate soreness.

2 Foods Rich in Nitrate

Nitrates are converted to nitric oxide. One study has found that consuming nitrate-rich vegetables, especially beetroot, can lower blood pressure and decrease cardiovascular risks in adults.

Nitrates found in vegetables aid in the formation of nitric oxide and exercise performance. Here are some foods high in nitric oxide that you should include in your diet:

3 Limit Mouthwashing

Mouthwash eliminates certain bacteria in the mouth, including those that aid in nitric oxide production. Nitrate is converted to nitric oxide by bacteria in the mouth. Without these bacteria, the human body cannot create nitric oxide.

According to a study, nitrate reduction in the mouth cavity is crucial for the immediate increase in plasma nitrite seen following a nitrate load. The eradication of these germs with an antibacterial mouthwash will very certainly reduce dietary nitrate's nitric oxide-dependent biological effects.

4 Supplements That Boost Nitric Oxide Levels

Some dietary supplements do not include nitric oxide, but they contain active ingredients that aid in nitric oxide production. L-arginine and L-citrulline are the most common ingredients found in these supplements. Nitric oxide is produced in your body using these two amino acids. They are accessible as supplements and positively affect blood flow and vascular health.

InstaZen® - Reduce Stress, Stabilize Mood

You can consider the natural supplement InstaZen® from Regen Labs as a safe and effective treatment for stress caused by low nitric oxide levels.

InstaZen® helps calm brain chemistry without benzodiazepines with the most innovative, toxin-free supplements for brain health. Its key ingredients include DHHBL-TheanineAshwagandha, Phosphatidylserine, and Valerian root. These ingredients help produce calming effects, reduce anxiety, enhance mood, support memory, and promote sleep.

It is a lot to think about! We get it. Regen Labs has options for you if you have questions about low nitric oxide symptoms. All Regen Labs products support the body's natural systems for a healthy brain, skin, muscle, and sexual health.

Regen Labs products contain research-proven ingredients to boost the body's natural ability to be healthy without toxins or synthetic chemicals.

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