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FlexMax™ is a groundbreaking supplement developed for professional athletes to stay in optimal condition. Developed by a board certified physician, this high dose blend of BPC-157 and Epicatechin can enhance any workout.

Regen Labs® FlexMax™ boosts your workout beyond any plateau. Using all-natural ingredients with peptides aimed at optimizing growth, stamina, and recovery. FlexMax™  is all about the gains and is nitric-acid-free, meaning no more pre-workout headaches. By blocking the enzyme myostatin responsible for muscle breakdown,  enhance your recovery time, feel less sore, and you will never work out without it. For ultimate body goals, reach your max, with FlexMax™ 


Take 2 capsules daily with water. For an acute injury take 2 capsules twice daily for two weeks (loading phase), followed by 2 capsules daily. 




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I've been working out for over 25 years, since I started FlexMax i got rid of tendonitis in my elbow, my recovery is much faster, my muscles are growing quicker. What I love about it most is its all natural compounds that your body generates to enhance muscle tissue repair.

  • BPC-157

    BPC-157 is a synthetic peptide that shows high effectiveness in restoring and rebuilding tissue whether diminished by injury or disease. BPC-157 is a ‘designer peptide’ with fifteen amino acids derived from digestive fluid and sequenced specifically for healing. As such, it produces an angiogenic effect – the process of creating new blood vessels and speeding blood flow to injured or ailing areas of the body, catalyzing the body’s natural ability to heal.


    The flavanol epicatechin is used in the treatment of sarcopenia (muscle wasting), the body’s tendency to shed muscle as we age or reduce activity. Research into the effects of epicatechin measured changes in protein levels of molecular modulators to explore its effects on the size of muscle and found that epicatechin reduces myostatin (a marker that reduces muscle development) allowing maximal muscle building. By inhibiting myostatin, a protein that controls (and limits) the amount of muscle you can gain, epicatechin can improve muscle gain and the maintenance of healthy muscle tissue.

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Speeds Recovery Time

Inhibits the enzyme Myostatin preventing muscle breakdown

Maximizes Muscle Fibers

Targets Soreness & Helps with Gut Protection