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How Centrophenoxine Helps Improve Memory & Learning

We are all well aware that there are countless ways to improve memory and learning. What we are less aware of is how centrophenoxine may be able to help too. In this article, we’ll cover all the details of centrophenoxine. We’ll also discuss how Regen Labs NeuroDrive™ takes it to a whole new level.

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What Is Centrophenoxine?

Centrophenoxine, also known as meclofenoxate, is a “nootropic.” It’s made up of Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) and Parachlor Phenoxy acetic Acid (pCPA).

The first component, DMAE, can be found in the body and certain foods such as anchovies, salmon, and sardines. Its purpose is to increase acetylcholine (Ach) production, which is the primary neurotransmitter in the parasympathetic nervous system. This modulates motivation, arousal, attention, learning, and memory. The second, less dominant component, pCPA, is a synthetic version of plant hormones which is otherwise called “auxins.”

Centrophenoxine is mainly associated with helping those with brain fog and poor concentration. But, studies have also shown that it can enhance both memory and learning capabilities for those without neurological disorders.

Centrophenoxine May Help Improve Memory

In a nine-month-long, double-blind, randomized controlledtrial, researchers concluded centrophenoxine might help improve memory. One group that took centrophenoxine performed better on delayed free recall when compared to the placebo group. In addition, another study showed that centrophenoxine improved memory impairment by reducing inflammation.

Centrophenoxine May Help Improve Learning

Preclinical studies have demonstrated that centrophenoxine may help improve learning. One study showed that centrophenoxine could help reduce oxidative stress. This is important because an excess of oxidative stress can lead to cell damage and accelerated aging. An additional study involving mice indicated that centrophenoxine improved both memory and learning.

Centrophenoxine Dose

Centrophenoxine is typically consumed in the form of a capsule. Research conducted showed that the typical dose is between 1,200 mg and 2,000 mg.

Centrophenoxine Side Effects

Centrophenoxine is a relatively safe supplement. Yet, there have been cases where individuals experienced dizziness, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, nausea, and mild stimulant effects.

Centrophenoxine Brain Damage

Beyond mild side effects, centrophenoxine may have unknown side effects to the fetus. This means it could affect the emotional or behavioral development at the level of an embryo or fetus. This is due to the embryo’s inability to convert choline into phosphatidylcholine. Thus, it is best for women of child-bearing age to avoid consumption.

Centrophenoxine and NeuroDrive™

If you are looking to improve your memory and sharpen your learning skills, you may want to explore Regen Labs NeuroDrive™. It suppresses amyloid-beta plaques, helps relieve oxidative stress, supports healthy cell structure, and metabolizes glucose. All of which catalyze higher brain function and enhance memory capabilities.

NeuroDrive™ contains centrophenoxine, plus has four other key ingredients: Sulbutiamine, Bacopa, Trans-Ferulic Acid, and Huperzine A.


Sulbutiamine works to increase thiamine and thiamine phosphate in the brain. This increases the mental energy that is necessary for memory and learning. Plus, the increase in thiamine protects neuronal cells in your brain from being damaged.


Bacopa nourishes neurons in the brain. It also shows adaptogenic qualities which combat stress. Also, bacopa boosts your mental focus, which improves your memory, thinking, and learning, except without the jitters that caffeine often brings.

Trans-Ferulic Acid

Trans-Ferulic Acid is an organic phenolic phytochemical that is anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. It can help rescue memory, enhance learning new topics, and still preserve the morphology of the pyramidal cell layer in the brain hippocampus.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is an alkaloid harvested from plants. It improves your memory and learning because it inhibits acetylcholine’s breakdown, which helps your brains communicate with each other better.

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Memory and learning are essential to everyone. Now that you know how centrophenoxine may help improve them. Check out Regen Labs NeuroDrive™ with its innovative and toxin-free formula. It’s time to get your spark back!

It is a lot to think about! We get it. If you have questions about how centrophenoxine helps improve memory and learning, Regen Labs has options for you. All Regen Labs products support the body’s natural systems for a healthy brain, skin, muscle, and sexual health.

Regen Labs products contain research-proven ingredients to boost the body’s natural ability to be healthy without toxins or synthetic chemicals.

Let’s talk! If you have questions, we would love to connect. Contact us today.

How has centrophenoxine helped improve your memory and learning? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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