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Optimal health, naturally.


Radiance products work with your skin’s natural chemistry, restoring and preserving a radiant, youthful glow.
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Neuro Spark™

Mind products calm the noise while stimulating brain centers of insight, logic, and memory.


Mood products let you exhale. Let go of the stress – move past the drama – and relax again, naturally.


Body products catalyze lean muscle growth, enhance muscle recovery and increase stamina.


Passion products for men and women enhance libido and sensation

Welcome to Regen Labs, The Future of Medicine® and the world’s first innovative supplement company providing natural and safe alternatives to harmful pharmaceuticals.

I’m Dr. Mark Ghalili, a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician specializing in regenerating the body. I wanted to share my own personal health struggle which inspired my passion for starting Regen Labs. In 2017, I became wheelchair-bound and paralyzed for six months after consuming a common antibiotic.  Through this challenging journey, I learned that millions of people were also harmed by commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals. In order to save my own life, I relentlessly researched for a solution and learned the secret relied upon using cutting edge nootropics, natural vitamins, and cellular therapy for rebuilding the body’s mitochondria. I have worked with the top professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, UFC, yet nothing compares to providing all of my patients with a new life again.

After treating thousands of disabled patients using alternative medicine, my mission for launching Regen Labs® is to provide the highest grade medical therapies without requiring a doctor’s visit. After years of lab formulations, we can proudly say Regen Labs is the most cutting-edge supplement & beauty brand in the world. Regen Labs has even been recognized by Forbes magazine in the Forbes NEXT 1000 issue. I take pride in every component being backed by breakthrough scientific data. Regen Labs is all natural and non-habit forming with research-proven ingredients boosting the body’s natural ability to regenerate. Regen Labs is truly “The Future of Medicine®”.

Dr. Mark Ghalili D.O.

The Future of Medicine is here.