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Peptide-infused solutions

for anti-aging, muscle recovery, brain health, and improved sexual health.

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A Life Well Lived.

Optimal health, naturally.
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Peptide Enhanced Formulas

For Full Body Wellness

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Toxin-Free Products

No Harmful Chemicals Or Metals

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Research Proven Ingredients

Boosts The Body's Ability To Regenerate

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Neuro Spark™

Mind products calm the noise while stimulating brain centers of insight, logic, and memory.

Insta Zen™

Mood products let you exhale. Let go of the stress – move past the drama – and relax again, naturally.
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Body products catalyze lean muscle growth, enhance muscle recovery and increase stamina.


Passion products for men and women enhance libido and sensations.
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Radiance products work with your skin’s natural chemistry, restoring and preserving a radiant, youthful glow.