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I created RegenLabs® as a medical doctor due to my first hand experience becoming wheelchair bound & disabled due to antibiotics. After treating thousands of patients injured by pharmaceutical medications, I formulated natural, safe, and effective products in a lab to promote wellness and transform my patients’ lives

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“I am nursing an infant and I cannot put anything on my face because I don't trust the ingredients. But when I found out Dr.Ghalili formulated this product, I knew I could take it to the bank. I know he's a straight shooter and he's not gonna BS any of his clients/patients. What he is doing in the community of health & healing is remarkable & I will gladly invest in any product he has made! These results are amazing ESPECIALLY considering I am nursing around the clock - (sleep deprived!) - My skin feels so much better, full of moisture & I can definitely notice major improvements to my wrinkles! I cannot wait to see what my face looks like in another 3-6 months using liquid facelift!


I'm so in love with NeuroDrive, I take it every day. It gives me mental clarity and sharpness without anxiousness, no brain fog or feeling tired, and I'm able to focus really well. It also helps with awareness, I don't walk in a room anymore and forget what I'm doing. At night my brain is able to shut off so I can sleep well. This product is my product for life. I love it!!


I've been working out for over 25 years, since I started FlexMax i got rid of tendonitis in my elbow, my recovery is much faster, my muscles are growing quicker. What I love about it most is its all natural compounds that your body generates to enhance muscle tissue repair.


I worry a lot during the day and at night. My mind wonders into the deepness that is my fear. I just couldn't chill and be ZEN. I know it sounds crazy, but when I'm feeling stress, I pop in an InstaZen®and my mind becomes quieter and relaxed. Thank you for easing my mind Regen Labs.


Great formula!! It started working after about 5 days of taking it. What I like about it is that it increases Libido, sensation, stamina but without feeling heat or any overstimulation like some supplements can give such as TomKat Ali or Catuaba… Feels like a very clean and safe formula to take with no side effects.