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9 Ways to Regain Muscles and Speed up Recovery

Recovery from a heavyweight training session has become an essential part, besides the desire to get a stronger, leaner body shape. However, have you ever wondered how to rebuild muscle after sweating yourself out on the treadmill? In this article, we will offer eight interventions that are proven to boost muscle recovery.

Rebuild, Restore, And Rejuvenate Muscle With 8 Proven Approaches To Speed Up The Recovery Process

1. Cool Down The Muscles

Usually, trainers tend to skip this crucial post-workout step without realizing that cooling down the exhausted muscles right after exercise will help kick-start the repair process. Take a few minutes to stretch your muscles while practicing deep breathing techniques to help your body get back to its normal condition. Thus, going for a cold shower after working out will also allow recovery to happen faster.

How to rebuild muscle? Cooperating light stretches (squats, planks, and lunges) with deep breathing exercises or taking a cold shower.

2. Get Plenty of Sleep

After a workout, getting plenty of sleep is the most efficient yet effortless way to speed up muscle recovery. During sleep, your body will release roughly 95% of growth hormones (GH), which help heal those aches and pains from exercise. Little naps during the day also help aid in muscle healing, especially if your schedule sometimes isn't flexible enough for a refreshing good night's sleep.

How to rebuild muscle? Consider scheduling sleep as a part of your workout routine and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

3. Replace Lost Fluids

During a training session, your body is highly prone to dehydration. As a result, staying hydrated during and after your workout is vital because water plays a huge role in all bodily functions, such as transferring nutrients, rebuilding muscles, and removing metabolic wastes.

How to rebuild muscle? Besides plain water, drinking coconut water—a natural sports drink can replace lost electrolytes caused by dehydration.

4. Eat A Balanced, Protein-Based Diet

Research shows that protein is vital to workout results, as well as post-workout recovery. Moreover, eating a well-portioned diet can prevent malnutrition since malnutrition might impair your body's ability to refuel and recover itself. Besides protein shakes, a glass of chocolate milk is a delicious alternative since it contains enough carbohydrates and proteins to restore muscle and reduce muscle discomfort.

How to rebuild muscle? Besides protein-rich foods, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet while cutting down your intake of processed foods as much as possible.

5. Drink Cherry Juice

Aside from beneficial vitamins, cherries are rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which are believed to boost tissue repair following each intensive session. Furthermore, drinking cherry juice can help keep exercise-induced inflammation in check since it contains large amounts of anti-inflammatory properties.

How to rebuild muscle? Research recommends consuming at least 480 liters of cherry juice per day to reap the benefit.

6. Get Massage

After a grueling session, experiencing mass-scale muscle pains, spasms, cramps, swelling, and backaches is not uncommon. That's when a massage comes to the rescue because it can help relax muscle tension and decrease further inflammation. Aside from overall physical benefits, massage can deliver therapeutic benefits to trainers' minds.

How to rebuild muscle? You can try self-massage or have a massage session done by a professional.

7. Avoid Alcohol

We all know that alcohol consumption can sabotage our overall health. Without post-workout muscle recovery, staying away from alcohol can help your body retain rehydration after exercises effectively since drinking alcohol will cost you a few more trips to the bathroom, resulting in rehydration delay.

How to rebuild muscle? Minimize your consumption or stay away from alcohol for good.

8. Roll Out Your Muscles

It's time to make foam roll your close workout partner if you've decided to stick to working out for the long haul. Using foam roll will improve blood flow to tight muscle areas and help break down myofascial adhesions.

How to rebuild muscle? Rolling out your muscles relieves aches and pains after training, but it also helps you warm up before getting into the workout.

9. Try Supplements

Above all the tips and tricks followed by dietary adjustments, you can also consider taking OTC supplements. Like other supplements, talk with your doctor to discuss recommended daily allowance to avoid any clashes in your diet and medication.

How to rebuild muscle? Shop for muscle-recovery supplements and follow the dosage suggestions based on your physical condition.

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If you are looking for muscle-recovery supplements, always consult with your health providers first for dosage guidance.

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