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What Is Functional Strength Training?


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Most people think of exercise as a way to lose weight, tone up, stay in shape, and even de-stress. But did you know that a type of exercise focuses on bettering your quality of life and allowing you to move around with ease? Today’s article will discuss functional strength training and how it can benefit every person, regardless of age or physical ability.

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Functional Strength Training: A Type Of Exercise That Makes Your Life Easier

Functional Strength Training Defined


Functional strength training comprises a range of physical exercises focusing on developing and strengthening your body’s ability to perform and execute daily activities.

Unlike traditional strength training, which targets a particular group of muscles, this training aims to train joints and muscles together in a single exercise, encouraging core ability, endurance, and balance.


6 Benefits of Functional Strength Training

All exercises make you stronger, and functional strength training can do as much. Here are some benefits of functional training:

  • Strengthen bones: Like traditional training, functional strength exercises can increase bone density and promote bone strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Posture correction: Many people encounter back pain due to sitting in an improper position all day long. Although functional training generally focuses on working mass muscle, it also improves posture effectiveness. You can alleviate your back pain by maintaining a functional exercise routine.
  • Metabolism support: In addition to assisting you in shedding a few pounds, sticking to functional strength training also raises your metabolic rate. With a rapid metabolism, you burn fat and calories more quickly.
  • Boosts mood: Numerous studies have shown that people who regularly work out have better overall well-being and mental health. Therefore functional training is no exception.
  • Increase mobility and flexibility: Regardless of the intensity, a combination of physical training is great for increasing mobility and flexibility, allowing you to move freely and avoid injury in everyday life.
  • Promotes endurance: Getting your body up and moving means getting your heart to deliver oxygen throughout your body optimally. For long-term health, it supports heart health and promotes endurance.


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How Does Functional Strength Training Work?


Since functional strength training requires more muscles to work together, a functional workout typically incorporates compound exercises to maximize your core strength.

In contrast to traditional and heavy training, most functional exercises replicate relevant movements from your daily life. As a result, the equipment for this form of exercise is rather vast as you can use kettlebells, sandbags, dumbbells, and bands in each session.

Here are a few primary functional strength training movements and how they benefit your day-to-day tasks:

  • Hinge from the hip: when you need to lift something.
  • Lunge: when you get up off the floor.
  • Squat: when you need to get out of your car seat.
  • Vertical push up and pull down: when you need to store and retrieve luggage from an overhead compartment.
  • Horizontal push and pull: when you open a heavy door and go through a turnstile door.
  • Rotation or twist: when you need to put on a seatbelt.


Why Is Functional Strength Training Important?

Our lives involve countless physical activities, from climbing the stairs, doing chores, and carrying grocery bags to moving large boxes, picking up something heavy, and competing for sports activities.

One wrong move or poor posture while operating these seemingly harmless tasks might cause physical discomfort or even significant injuries.

Functional training makes it easier to handle real-life activities while building strength simultaneously. Additionally, this type of training ultimately improves your overall quality of life.

Functional training could be for you if you are looking for a type of exercise that can help you maintain your shape and allow you to manage daily tasks with ease. Regardless of your goal, functional strength training should be a part of your workout routine. Remember to warm up first to avoid muscle spasms after each session.


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