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Why Does My Body Ache and Feel Tired After a Workout?

people working out Why Does My Body Ache and Feel Tired After a Workout

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You begin a workout routine, and your first workout goes smoothly.

However, your body is sore and uncomfortable the following day. “Why does my body ache, and why do I feel tired after a workout?” you wonder.

This article helps answer this question and provides some proven muscle recovery strategies.


Why Does My Body Ache After a Workout?

women got body ache after work out Why Does My Body Ache After a Workout

Muscle soreness is a side effect of exercise’s stress on muscles. This pain results from muscle inflammation, one of the leading causes of muscle soreness.

You are most likely to experience muscle soreness or muscle fatigue after one of the following activities:

  • Starting a whole new exercise or training program
  • Including a new exercise in your workout
  • Increasing the intensity of the workout
  • Performing the activity repeatedly without taking a suitable pause


If the discomfort prevents you from performing daily tasks or lasts longer than 72 hours, consider changing your training routine and adopting lifestyle adjustments to help your muscles recover faster.

Furthermore, pain that occurs during or immediately after an exercise is not normal and might indicate a problem with the training. This type of pain warns your body to stop the workout to avoid significant joint or muscle injury.


How to Recover from Body Ache After a Workout?

Cool Down After Exercise

Recovering from Body Ache After a Workout How to Recover from Body Ache After a Workout

People sometimes overlook this critical post-workout stage; however, cooling down muscles after exercise is vital to repair. Remember to stretch your muscles and practice deep breathing exercises to help your body return to its normal state.

An aerobic cool-down, such as a light jog or bike ride, may be beneficial if you perform weight or resistance training. However, if you’re completing endurance training, including long runs or bike rides, a shorter run or ride will be beneficial the next day. The purpose of these cool-down activities is to lower your body’s lactic acid levels.


What is lactic acid? 

Your body produces lactic acid when it converts glucose into energy and when the oxygen levels are low, which is common during high-intensity exercise.

When the acid level in your body rises, the muscles become weary and unable to contract effectively. Therefore, during training, some people may experience a burning feeling in their muscles.

As a result, lactic acid build-up might hinder your workout performance.


Give Your Body Time to Recover

Getting enough sleep is the most effective yet simple approach to speeding up muscle recovery. During sleep, your body releases around 95% of growth hormones (GH), which aids in healing body aches and pains after a workout. If your schedule isn’t always flexible enough to allow for a restful night’s sleep, little naps during the day can also help.

A massage can also assist in relieving muscle tension and reducing inflammation. In addition to physical benefits, this technique can provide therapeutic benefits to trainers’ minds. Massage can help you sleep better by lowering stress levels and dealing with stress or injury-related tension.


Take Supplements

Some supplements function by boosting the production of muscle protein. Muscles comprise proteins, the body’s building blocks. As a result of taking supplements, increasing protein synthesis offers the body more building blocks to work with. Other supplements help to speed up muscle repair while reducing muscle discomfort. To avoid conflicts between your diet and medication, speak beforehand with your doctor about the suggested daily intake.

If all the tips and tricks followed by dietary adjustments don’t work, you can consider taking post-workout supplements from Regen Labs – Flex Max.


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If you are looking for muscle-recovery supplements, always consult with your health providers first for dosage guidance.

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