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2 of the Best Nootropics to Gain a Mental Edge

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Everyone is looking to gain a mental edge in life. Whether they’re trying to improve their cognitive abilities to perform better or they’re trying to make sure their cognitive abilities don’t wither away with time. Yet, lots of people resort to things such as caffeine and nicotine to gain this edge. This works to do the exact opposite of their intended outcome. The best nootropics can offer a solution to this problem. Let’s explore two of the best nootropics and how they can help you gain the edge in life, you’re looking for.

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What are Nootropics?

In short, nootropics are a cognitive enhancer, aka “smart pills.” They are a combination of either natural or synthetic substances equipped to help people improve their mental clarity. For most people, managing your stress, eating a balanced diet, exercising, and getting an adequate amount of sleep serves as an excellent baseline for healthy brain function.

For others, they are looking for an extra boost. That’s where the best nootropics come in.

Many people still rely on common substances such as caffeine or nicotine to help keep with today’s fast-paced and ultra-competitive workplace. Yet, both of these can have detrimental effects on your health. The best nootropics are an alternative that’s worth discovering the benefits for yourself. Two of the best nootropics are bacopa and phosphatidylserine. Bacopa gives you energy without the jitters. Phosphatidylserine offers brain cell protection. Let’s go into more detail about how these two can give you that extra boost.


Why Bacopa Beats Coffee

What is Bacopa?

Fresh-and-dried-bacopa-herb-plant---What-is-Bacopa_body | 2 of the Best Nootropics to Gain a Mental Edge

Bacopa (B Monnieri), also known as Brahmi, is a nootropic herb used to ignite certain brain chemicals. Much like caffeine, it is capable of improving thinking, learning, and memory. Yet, unlike caffeine, one of the most addictive and common psychostimulants, bacopa appears to nourish rather than deplete neurons in your brain.


Bacopa vs. Coffee? Bacopa Wins

Bacopa is one of the best nootropics because it helps combat stress. Adaptogens are what help the body cope with mental and physical stress. Bacopa, like other nootropics, displays adaptogenic qualities; when we get stressed, our cortisol levels in our brain skyrocket.

For example, let’s say you’re overwhelmed at work, and you need a boost, so you drink a cup of coffee. This is so routine for many workers that we don’t think twice about the habit, except that coffee won’t help. Caffeine will increase your cortisol levels which makes matters worse. An alternative choice is a nootropic supplement such as bacopa, which will lower your cortisol levels and help you get your work done. In a match-up between bacopa versus coffee, bacopa wins.


The Secret Weapon to Protect Your Brain Cells

What is Phosphatidylserine?

human-brain-cell-3D-render--The-Secret-Weapon-to-Protect-Your-Brain-Cells-_body | 2 of the Best Nootropics to Gain a Mental Edge

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance that is both in the body and found in nootropic supplements. The reason it is one of the best nootropics you can take is due to the fact it covers and protects the cells in the body. If the cells in your body are well-protected, it will be better able to deal with things like stress or depression.


Why Phosphatidylserine is Your Secret Weapon

Phosphatidylserine is your secret weapon because it helps slow down age-related memory loss. As we age, our cognitive abilities, including memory, naturally decline. The most significant risk factor from such decline is brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia. In fact, one in nine people of age 65 and older (11.3%) will have Alzheimer’s dementia.

For example, once again, let’s say you’re overwhelmed at work, so you smoke a cigarette. There is strong evidence that smoking increases your risk of dementia. The next time you go to step outside for a smoke, consider phosphatidylserine as a nootropic supplement instead. A simple daily choice such as that could make all the difference. That’s why it’s your secret weapon, and that’s why it’s one of the best nootropics out there.


NEUROSPARK: A Combination of the Best Nootropics Plus More

Today’s world is moving fast, and you need to be at your best. Put down the coffee and cigarettes and check out Regen Lab’s Neurospark. Neurospark products contain both bacopa, phosphatidylserine, plus seven more natural ingredients that will catalyze higher brain function and help protect the cells in your body. These natural ingredients include Centrophenoxine, Trans Ferulic Acid, Bisibuthiamine, Huperzine A.

The first two are Centrophenoxine and Trans Ferulic Acid. Centrophenoxine is a compound that allows the brain to absorb DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) better. This increases neurotransmitter production, which is crucial when enhancing your alertness, lengthening your attention span, and strengthening your learning and memory capabilities. Trans Ferulic Acid is another natural compound that aids in learning and memory by taking care of the surface structure in the hippocampus.

The final two are Bisibuthiamine, and Huperzine A. Bisibuthiamine helps to do a couple of things too. It increases thiamine levels in the brain and regulates any possible thiamine deficiencies. This is important because thiamine regulates healthy brain function and protects your neuronal cells from injury. It is another crucial element in maintaining and improving mental clarity. Huperzine A, also known as selagine, helps with learning and memory too. But, it also helps stave off cognitive decline over time. To be more specific, it decreases acetylcholine’s breakdown, which is often related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and myasthenia.

The combination of these ingredients all together makes Regen Lab’s Neurospark one of the best nootropics you can take to gain that much-needed mental edge in life.


What do you think are the best nootropics? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! 


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