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Why Post Workout Supplements Are Important

Side-view-portrait-of-young-muscular-holding-protein-supplement-shaker | feature | Why Post Workout Supplements Are Important
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In this Article:

There are many questions when it comes to post workout supplements. What are they? When should you take them? Most importantly, many ask, “why are post workout supplements important?” First, let’s investigate each of these questions. Then, let’s discuss how Regen Labs Flex Max is one of the best post workout supplements on the market.

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What Are Post Workout Supplements?

In short, post-workout supplements will amplify the results gained from working out. They come in two forms: tablets or powder mixed with water. Regen Labs Flex Max toxin-free, all-natural ingredient formula comes in powder form. It will boost your workout beyond any plateau.


When Should You Take Post Workout Supplements?

Many believe taking post-workout supplements thirty minutes after a workout yields the best results. This is the Metabolic or Anabolic Window. Yet, the scientific evidence is lacking whether that’s true. That being said, to avoid the risk of reaping zero benefits it is recommended you bring post-workout supplements with you to your workout. That way you don’t forget completely. Better sooner than later and better late than never.

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Why Are Post Workout Supplements Important?

A-young-and-fit-asian-guy-drinking | Why Post Workout Supplements Are Important

Post workout supplements are important for two reasons: to enhance muscle growth and to maximize muscle recovery. Let’s take a look at how Regen Labs Flex Max and its groundbreaking proprietary formula help do both.


Enhance Muscle Growth With Epicatechin

Regen Labs understands that strength is the basis of human ascetics. Epicatechin is the cornerstone to building strength and thus enhancing muscle growth. This makes Epicatechin a critical ingredient in Regen Labs Flex Max post-workout supplement.

Epicatechin’s major function is to inhibit myostatin. Do you ever feel like whatever you do you can’t gain muscle? This is due to myostatin. Myostatin is a protein that limits muscle growth. Thus, when you take a post-workout supplement with Epicatechin, such as Flex Max, it will reduce myostatin which enhances muscle growth.


Maximize Muscle Recovery With BPC-157

A superior post workout supplement formula would not be complete without BPC-157.

BPC-157 is a ‘designer’ peptide. It is made up of fifteen amino acids. BPC-157 is a powerful agent because it provides many benefits, but most importantly it has angiogenic abilities.

Angiogenesis is the creation of new blood vessels. When new blood vessels are formed, your body is better able to transport nutrients to damaged tissue. This promotes the proper healing of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Keep in mind, angiogenesis already occurs naturally in the body and helps those with normal aches and pains. But, for those who are pushing themselves to the limit in their workouts, BPC-157 is an essential ingredient for maximum muscle recovery.

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Don’t Waste Another Workout

Don’t waste another workout without making the most of post-workout supplements.
Take advantage of the Regen Labs Flex Max and strive for a personal best in every workout.



Have you used post-workout supplements before? Let us know in the comments section below!


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