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7 Niacinamide Benefits for Skin Texture

woman checking her skin out in front of mirror | feature | 7 Niacinamide Benefits for Skin Texture
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For sufferers of dry skin, discoloration, and wrinkles, there is an emerging resource for healthier, brighter skin. Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, is being studied as a powerful new player in the skin care arena comparable in effectiveness to vitamin C or retinol.

woman touching her skin with blue pastel background behind | 7 Niacinamide Benefits for Skin Texture

What is Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a water-soluble, essential vitamin that is not made in the body, meaning that it must be acquired from food or supplements – either ingested or applied to the skin. Like niacin, niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, but is separate and distinct from niacin.

In addition to reinforcing kidney and brain health, niacinamide is being studied for its ability to help treat certain skin conditions like wrinkles, eczema, and acne. Niacinamide works by building proteins in the skin and sealing in the skin’s moisture which guards against sunlight, wind, pollen, and other environmental factors.

7 Niacinamide Benefits for Skin Texture

By these properties, B3 relieves internal and external stressors to the skin, ultimately reducing or preventing the deterioration of the skin or early signs of aging like skin discoloration or wrinkles. With lower inflammation, tighter pores, and fuller, more moist facial tissue, niaminicide creates glowing and smoother skin. Among the benefits patients have reported after using niacinamide are:

1. Firmer Skin

Niacinamide catalyzes production of keratin, a protein found in healthy skin that leads to fullness and firmness in the facial tissues.


2. Lipid Layer

Niacinamide helps to keep moisture in the skin by creating a ceramide layer. Added moisture is good for skin at any age but especially in those patients who suffer from dry skin illnesses like eczema.


3. Clearer Skin

Skin blotches and discoloration patches are often caused by inflammation, a condition niacinamide successfully treats and reduces. 


4. Tighter Pores

Healthy skin naturally reduces pore size over time, so continued niacinamide therapy can bring the smoother appearance of tiny pores by moisturizing and guarding skin’s overall health.


5. Sunlight Protection

Niacinamide protects against sun damage by maintaining a higher moisture level in the skin.


6. Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the name of dark spots that appear on the skin from aging. Researchers theorize that this effect is a function of increased collagen production.


7. Treats Acne

Severe acne including inflammatory forms like papules or pustules may be improved over time due to niacinimide’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Niacinamide is compatible with the other ingredients in most skincare regimens, including retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, AHA, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Topical niacinamide is widely considered safe for use in adults. However, take note that niacinamide causes your body to release histamine, which may cause an allergic reaction in those who are already allergy prone.


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